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Baretz+Brunelle Adds Pioneering Digital Marketer Robbie Penzell as Chief Digital Officer

Business Wire

March 11, 2021



NEW YORKMarch 11, 2021Leading legal industry communications agency Baretz+Brunelle has named Robbie Penzell, the former head of digital marketing operations at Burford Capital, the world’s largest litigation funder, as its chief digital officer. Penzell will expand Baretz+Brunelle’s innovative digital marketing offerings to law firms and other businesses operating within the legal industry.

The legal industry is starting to wake up to the potential of digital marketing to grow, measure and analyze business development efforts,” said Spencer Baretz, co-founder of Baretz+Brunelle. “We’ve been proud to educate many of our clients on the power of digital marketing and with many, implement a variety of initiatives with staggering success. Now, we’re proud to offer Robbie Penzell as another powerful resource.”

Baretz+Brunelle established its digital marketing department three years ago, before many elite law firms had committed significant resources to digital marketing. Since that time, the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, among other factors, has accelerated the adoption of basic digital marketing tactics among the largest and most sophisticated law firms. A Baretz+Brunelle report released last year indicated, for instance, that AmLaw100 firms produced 1,285 webinars in the second quarter of 2020 alone.

Penzell has played a central role in engineering digital marketing strategies in the legal industry. In 2017, he led the expansion of the digital marketing effort at Burford Capital, the world’s largest litigation funder and the first litigation funder to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange. There, Penzell oversaw the digital marketing strategy, encompassing an array of content-, advertising-, social media-, and email-centered initiatives, built on cutting-edge marketing automation software. Prior to Burford, Penzell managed digital marketing at Gerchen Keller Capital.

“The legal industry has reached an exciting moment, with more firms ready to explore the valuable possibilities that digital marketing offers them,” Penzell said. “I’ve been fortunate to lead some of that progress through my career and am fortunate to do even more of that at Baretz+Brunelle, which has been leading the legal industry’s maturation on digital marketing.”

Before joining B+B, Penzell was at Enova International, a publicly traded, multinational financial technology company serving non-prime consumers and small businesses. There he led retention marketing for Enova’s two small business lenders by building strategic, multi-channeled marketing campaigns. During his tenure, he developed multiple initiatives that drove an increase in revenue and customer growth across multiple brands. He received his BA from the University of Missouri.