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Big Law Goes ‘Alternative’: Can Traditional Firms Disrupt the Disrupters?


October 30, 2020



With clients demanding more cost-effective solutions, traditional law firms are positioning themselves to compete with New Law providers.

NEW YORKOctober 30, 2020 — According to a recent survey, 35 firms out of the Am Law 100 have business units focused on alternative delivery of legal services. It’s a recognition, according to the study’s authors, that clients are demanding more cost-effective solutions and traditional law firms aren’t ready to cede business to a new breed of competitor.

On this Legal Speak podcast, Legaltech News Editor-in-Chief Zach Warren talks with legal consultants Brad Blickstein and Beatrice Seravello about the rise of so-called captive ALSPs—law firm units or spin-offs that employ technology, alternative staffing and process optimization to conduct certain types of routine legal tasks.

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