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Webinar: Why So Many Law Firms Are Launching Captive ALSPs

October 28, 2020


Baretz+Brunelle’s NewLaw Practice Group released the first comprehensive research report on “captive ALSPs”. From it, we learned that a surprising 35 Am Law 100 law firms also run ALSPs.

In a 20-minute webinar, B+B partners Brad Blickstein and Bea Seravello analyzed the report’s results. They briefed attendees on the report and provided their expert insights into its findings, including:

  • The pervasiveness of captive ALSPs;
  • Definitions of ALSPs, a term that has been used inconsistently;
  • Details of the various services that captive ALSPs are providing to the market;
  • The history of captive ALSPs, demonstrating that they are mostly a recent development;
  • Organizational structures used with captive ALSPs; and
  • The marketing and branding strategies firms have employed to accelerate their efforts.