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Stand Above.

Our clients’ industries are changing. Communication strategies are changing. Baretz+Brunelle is changing. And we have thoughts to share on all of it. 

Welcome to Stand Above

Posted by Cari Brunelle, Spencer Baretz & Jason Milch on Jul 20, 2017 9:27:00 AM

Look closely when corporations speak. Not just in crisis situations; in advertising, marketing and everyday activities. You will see the truth can be difficult to embrace. And those with keen instincts see right through it. Yet, when done right, there is a sense of order. A sense of maturity and integrity. The establishment of trust. All of which are built and sustained by communicating and acting directly, honestly and transparently – Baretz+Brunelle’s core values.

And those values have never been more relevant in today’s business environment. Where even the most verifiable facts are subject to spin.” Where even our most trusted institutions are engaged in obfuscation. Where our leaders we have been taught to trust are being questioned.

With so much effort devoted to muddying the truth, we have never found the practice more distasteful or ineffective. People crave authentic, honest communication. They want non-spin.

This is a collection of everyday corporate communications efforts, showing how to shine. Or not. 

Welcome to Stand Above.

Topics: Communications, Litigation PR, Public Relations, Legal PR